Frequent Asked Questions

I haven't recieved my activation code, what should I do?
There are three ways in activating your account. First is through e-mail. Second, Call to Live Support. Third, text your ID Number, Last Name and e-Mail address to 350-7211 / 0916-3338326. Other case; for Yahoo! users, check your bulk mail.

What is a javaScript Error?
If you see this icon at the bottom of your browser (status bar area), that's a javaScript Error. To gid rid of this, refresh your browser by pressing your F5 key or click the refresh button at the toolbars. This is to prevent malfunctions.

I'm a bona fide XU student, but I can't register?
Some problems are when your last name contains this letter, Ñ or ñ, the query returns different result or matches to no one. Having those letters or characters in your last name, please ask some assistance during the registration. Contact the Administrator or e-mail Zabyer Team for this problem at or

I forgot my password, what should I do?
We can't give you your password, it's because your password was encrypted during your registration and it is for security reason. At the login area, there's a "forgot password", just click and supply the information needed and it will generate new password for you.

I can't upload photos, what's wrong?
The max size for uploading photos is 200KB. Sometimes, from mobile phone pictures can't be uploaded due to unrecognized colors. Solution for your photos from mobile phones, edit your photos and adjust the colors and save as new File.

What is Zabyer Zen?
Zabyer Zen is a virtual medium for all transaction inside Zabyer Community, like playing games, sending message, adding friends, chatting, and etc. Every action you do inside Zabyer will process a transaction.

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